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Roarblaze Energy has the best procurement team and optimizes projects in the procurement costs of customer requirements. Roarblaze Energy only cooperates with world-class manufacturers and ensures timely completed the projects by efficient supply chain.

The members of the construction team are from the headquarters and the workers who have the experience in construction will construct the projects. Moreover, the third parties will make the quality supervision according to customer requirement. And the projects will be handed over to the customers when the test run is OK and give customers good service.

Roarblaze Energy provides two types of rooftop solar installation services depending on the end user of the energy

Captive Consumption
The solar energy produced during the day can be used directly by the end consumer. The consumer also has an option of using a battery backup to ensure 24/7 power supply from the solar source.
Rising diesel prices and growing uncertainty in coal supplies have ensured that Solar PV is a relatively a highly reliable and consistent source of energy. In addition, the Government’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) and various state policies provide ample benefits for individuals/corporations willing to set up captive solar power plants in form of Capital Subsidy benefits as well as Acceleration Depreciation(AD) benefits.

Feed In Tariff Based Grid-Connected Systems
Various Government and State policies are promoting the feeding of energy produced from solar into the grid at incentivized tariffs to ensure additional energy supply at peak hours. This ensures an attractive return on equity for these investments in solar energy with a consistent long-term revenue stream.